Adherence to the strict Singapore law necessitated some changes in the original documents submitted to the Registry of Societies, namely the logo and the Constitution. An alternative UAP Singapore Chapter logo was created to be used as official insignia for all legal documents. The chapter's Constitution, which was originally patterned after the UAP National's archetype, was amended and made more applicable under Singapore laws. It was subsequently submitted to the ROS for approval.

The status of UAP Singapore Chapter to become a duly recognized society has been brought into fruition by the approval for the application granted by the Singapore Registry of Societies. 

The initiative of UAP Singapore Chapter to seek legal standing in Singapore was done through the application to the Registry of Societies (ROS) on 18 October 2009, and was granted on 22nd February 2011 with an official registration of UEN #T11SS0037C, making UAP Singapore Chapter the 1st recognized Foreign Architectural Organization by ROS.